News from Alfonso - 11/29

Dear Friends,
I hope your holiday weekend was a restful and enjoyable one. Mine certainly was, and it provided time not only to read but also to think about all the things coming up in these next few weeks which will hurl us toward the winter break.

One stellar piece of holiday news was the official auction resultsDrumroll please... Overall, we estimate that the auction raised $237,000 in gross proceeds. After expenses, we estimate the net proceeds to be a record-breaking $198,500! This surpasses our previous record set in 2007 by $20,000 and last year's results by over $50,000. This spectacular result is a testament to our entire community who supported the auction in countless ways. Thank you!

Thanks to our entire community, our Special Appeal for math and science was also a record breaking success. We have already received $70,000 in contributions, and we expect to reach a total of $82,000 after outstanding pledges and matching gifts are received. (This is included in the totals reported above.)

Thanks to your generosity in the Special Appeal, our students will benefit from $35,000 worth of new classroom learning resources, $15,000 worth of library math and science resources, and $20,000 of math and science-related professional development. In addition, all funds raised above our $70,000 goal (now looking like $12,000) will go toward additional math and science-related professional development to help our teachers keep up-to-date with best practices and strategies for teaching inquiry-based science and math. We have already registered ten faculty members to attend the February International Baccalaureate math workshop in Portland. Thank you, thank you. The impact of these contributions cannot be underestimated.

Our grade five Chinese teacher Hong Shentu will be leaving this Friday, December 3 to meet our two visiting Chinese teachers at the East West Center in Hawaii and escort them back to Portland after 5 days of orientation activities. A nice experience for Hong, and for TIS the beginning of an important and very rewarding affiliation with the EWC.

Thanks go out to TIS parent Professor Peter Boghossian who today did a lively and informative presentation on critical thinking and analytical skills for grade 4 and 5 students. Many parents have come in as visiting experts this year, and your visits help to make us an even more vibrant school!

Keep in mind that this Friday after school we will have the grade 4 fun evening (from 3:30- 7:30). If any grade 4 parents would like to lend their wii consoles, we need two for this event. They will be set up in a separate room carefully watched by a chaperone. The centerpiece of the evening will be games in the gym followed by a movie. Grade 4 parents can still email me permission for their child to participate, and remember to bring your own dinner (preferably non microwavable) and snacks.

A week from this Friday on December 10, we will have the annual Winter Festival shows. All shows will be during the day this year as shown in the Upcoming Events above. Please show your respect for all the students by making plans to stay for the entire show rather than leaving after your child's performance. I encourage all grade 2 through 5 parents to pick up their children at the theater after the show. For children who need to be in SquareGator after the show, we will bring those children back to TIS.

Finally, I appeal to you once again to please send in one non perishable food item for the School Council's pound per person food drive to benefit the Oregon food bank and people in need this holiday.

Have a great week,
Alfonso,, 503-226-2496 x109