Alfonso's update - 11/22

Dear Friends,
First, fittingly, a reminder about snow closures, though it is my hope that there will be little snow this year. Please check for our status at or on the major new channels. If you don’t see an announcement, we are open regular hours.  If we have to end early because of fast accumulating snow, we will call each of you on your mobile phones, so always keep those phones close to you on ominous winter days.

A reminder about the school council pound per person food drive. Just one pound of food from each of us will quickly add up for some people in need. A can of tuna or soup or vegetables, a box of pasta or mac and cheese, a box of cereal. All of these will be great as will some baby food, as I saw in the Japanese K class this morning. Our school council reps have been going around and presenting the concept to the younger students, and I was proud of their poise and clarity.

Thanks to our alumni who are using their time off to come back to TIS and assist in classes this week. These big people are barely recognizable.

Congratulations to Assistant US Attorney and TIS parent Scott Kerin who has been awarded the prestigious Director's Award from the US Department of Justice. Scott has also visited classes to talk to students about immigration, citizenship and constitutional law.

Finally, we wish you all a very peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday. And thank you all for being part of TIS.

Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109