Basketball – sign up by Dec 3 (more details)

When: Saturday, December 11, 9:30 am to 2:30 PM
Where: French American International School, 8500 NW Johnson Street, Portland, OR 97229
What: Kindergarten through 5th grade Basketball Tournment
Who: TIS, Portland French School, German School of Portland, and host French American Int'l School
Deadline to Register: December 3rd
How to Register: Email Coach Robert Briglia
Needed: Players at every age level, parent volunteer coaches to run the games, and a couple of volunteer referees per school.

1st and 2nd grades together: 3 on 3, no stealing. walking & double dribble are referee's decision, no contact.
3rd and 4th grades together: 4 on 4, no stealing, no walking, no double dribble, no contact
5th: 5 on 5, no stealing, no walking, no double dribbling, no contact