Invest in inquiry: Math and science special appeal

At the auction on November 13, raise your paddle to provide TIS students with the tools to explore, investigate, problem-solve, and own the answers to their questions. Math and science are everywhere we look and fundamental to how we relate to each other and the world around us.

By raising $65,000, we will be able to purchase math and science:

  • Classroom learning resources ($35,000)

  • Faculty professional development ($15,000)

  • Library materials ($15,000)

If we surpass our goal of $65,000, all additional funds will go towards faculty professional development.

Classroom learning resources
Research shows that children learn science best in a hands-on experimental environment where they can make their own discoveries. This does not happen if there is only one microscope in the classroom. Full sets of basic science equipment would enable students to stay engaged with their curiosity and teachers to effectively guide their inquiry.

This special appeal will enable us to buy high quality learning resources specially selected to meet the science and math related themes and needs of every class from prek through fifth grade. Your generosity could enable all second graders to experience building a pulley. When the third graders learn about measurement systems, all students will explore with measuring tapes, meter sticks, pitchers, and weights and balances. All of our preschool and kindergarten students will gain hands on science knowledge at light or exploration tables, or at sand and water boxes. When fifth graders study electricity, we will have enough electric circuits, static electricity kits, or electric motors for small group activities.

Faculty professional development

“By funding faculty professional growth, you can enhance the quality of your school more and with fewer dollars than by directing comparable amounts of money to any other point in your budget of expenses.”
Independent School Management Magazine, September 2007

Teachers have questions too! The auction special appeal will fund professional development specifically for the math and science parts of our curriculum. By raising your paddle on November 13, you will help our teachers learn best practices and strategies for inquiry-based science and math.

For example, up to 22 teachers could attend an IBO math workshop in Portland on February 18 ($675 per person).

When workshops are given in other cities, a few teachers could attend and then become resident experts (cost $1,500-$2,000 per person). We could bring in guest educators to help hone our science curriculum or train our teachers on specific topics. There is a virtually unlimited supply of teacher development opportunities. If we surpass our goal of $65,000, all extra funds would go to support additional professional development.

Library Materials Our multilingual Library Media Center is a critical resource for all inquiry-based lessons. Help us provide our students with the math and science books and on-line subscriptions needed for student research and teacher planning. When first graders ask, “How is the earth different from other planets?” or fourth graders ask, “Why do earthquakes sometimes cause tsunamis?” the library should have the answers in each track language. Your contribution to the Special Appeal can help make that happen.

If you cannot attend the auction and want to support the special appeal, here is how:
You may write a check to the International School and indicate Special Appeal in the note and send it to school attention “Development Office” or deliver to any of the receptionists.

To donate securely on-line, you may also click on this Donate Now button (it's also on every TIS webpage); at program designation, select special appeal. You may also donate online at, by clicking the registration tab and choosing the donate option at “Support the special appeal” section at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions about the special appeal, please contact Kelsey Cleveland,, 503-265-8635