Auction Block

Can you imagine – only 2 more weeks before THE AUCTION! Brings tears to our eyes that it is coming up so fast. Hopefully you already purchased your tickets, lined up your sitter and cleared out that Visa or MasterCard so that you can BID HIGH AND BID OFTEN!! It’s for the children, you know…

Parent Tristan Todd worked hard and on WEDNESDAY you will be able to peruse the items that will be available and set your heart on a few little things that you will NOT leave Montgomery Park without. We are still entering things into the system, so keep checking back! Can’t make it that night? All the parties that do not fill up and anything left over will be available the week after the auction. But of course Special Appeal is available anytime for you or your mother or your brother or your neighbor and even that cousin to donate to or in honor of … Head to and donate to your little heart’s content. See a separate article by Kelsey Cleveland in this ITK.

Things such as: What is that buzz? It is your own bee box in the back yard! Not really into animals? No worries, sit inside and look at your autographed Trailblazers basketball, Timbers Soccer Ball or Rafael Nadal Tennis Shoes. Not a sports fan? Grab your children and go to the Kids Concert at the Oregon Symphony. Like your own music? Plug in your iPod changer for the car. Need a place to go? Head out to any number of beach and mountain houses offered. Wanna stay home and play? Let your child be creative with that 4 foot dollhouse while you drink a fabulous wine picked from the Wall of Wine.

SEE YOU THERE!!! Questions? Email us anytime day or night, Carrie & Linda, Not too late to sponsor this event… talk to those HR departments this week then contact Kelsey at Thank you so much for the constant support and kind words.