Run for the Arts – due Oct 20

What a great Run the kids had last Tuesday—beautiful weather and a joyously rowdy crowd of spectators—made for a very fun day.

Now is the time we really need parents to help. Pledges need to be collected and turned in by Wednesday, October 20th. On Tuesday the teachers left a white sheet with the number of laps completed by each child and instructions for returning pledges in parent folders (do not use the colored cards—we have figured the laps for you).  Please be sure to check your child’s folder or ask his/her teacher if you did not receive anything.  If you notice a math error on your child’s sheet, please change the number of laps and make a note on the sponsor sheet so that we know you changed it on purpose. **Note: this year the track was a bit smaller than when we used the lower playground.  Therefore we have figured the laps differently with 1/1 for PK, 2 Run/1 Counted for LK and K and 3 Run/1 Counted for 1st and up—this is the number on the sheet that came home**

  • All checks must be made payable to Run for the Arts or Young Audiences

  • Be sure to sign the pledge sheets

  • Circle your child’s shirt size in case they qualify for a free shirt

  • Runners who do not qualify for shirts and want to order one–or for any additional shirts–please use the form that was attached to the pledge sheets and enclose an additional $7.50/shirt

  • Completed forms with attached pledges (or place everything in one large envelope) can be returned to your classroom teacher, art/music teachers, or any receptionist (Main bldg, Stearns, or Arthur)

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to assist with the Run and to cheer on the kids. It was wonderful to see so many parents out cheering and running with the kids all day long!

An extra special THANK YOU to the volunteers who helped all or most of the day–Kara Gajowskyj, Kathy Guilfoyle, Anne Chang Lee, Patti Ng, Carrie Banks, Ron Voss, Jody Luth, Becky Smith, Jennifer Farmer, Kirsten Lee, Aileen Chang, Bob Cargill, Scott Kerman, Holly Levow, Leslie Fornari, Ron Miller, Derek Jensen and Jennifer Syler (our saving grace with the water).  A special thanks to Michele Wong who provided coffee for the volunteers.  Also, the day would not have gone nearly as well without the all day help of many staff members:  Art Teachers–Julie and Carolina, Music Teachers–Peter and Allison, PE Teachers–Robert and David, Development Director–Kelsey Cleveland, Principal—Maria Abad, and Head-of-School–Dr Orsini, and Linda Bonder—who should have some fantastic photos coming soon!   Thanks to all of you as well!

All money earned from Run for the Arts goes towards art and music supplies and curriculums, and Arts-based school assemblies.

Joan Francis, RFA Chair/Parent Volunteer,