Garden report

First Grade Report
Evan remembers Spring in the garden. "I like [the] garden since I like planting plants." Now it is harvest time. As Keegan says, "Yo y mi clase fuimos a el jardin y recogi plantas." (I went to the garden with my class and we harvested plants.) We picked beans, purple and green. We also picked chard. Honeybees were drinking nectar from the sunflowers and the herb savory. In our classrooms we ate cucumber slices and nasturtium leaves, while Priscilla sauteed the beans with garlic, onions, kale, chard, eggplant, basil and savory, all from the garden. Many of us are tasting new food.

Fifth Grade Report
After a talk on plant reproduction, we went to find examples in the garden: how are strawberries, raspberries and garlic propagated? What seeds are now in the garden and do we save them? Where did those new baby sprouts come from? Which seeds can be used to produce another crop? We also looked at flower parts with a fine eye (some with a microscope).