Congratulations walkers & bikers: 102.5 miles!

Congratulations to the 33 students and their families who walked or biked to school on International Walk + Bike to School Day for a combined total of 102.5 miles!

One lucky family, who got to the meeting spot on time, got to ride in with Coach Rob. Thanks for biking Coach! We heard that a few families got caught on the wrong side of the tracks as a freight train slowly went by. They didn't make it to the meeting spot, but still managed to make it to school on time. And who says Damascus to too far away? One family from Damascus parked at the top of Corbett and rode their bikes down the hill for some great exercise before starting the school day.

  • Congratulations to Constanza's 5th Grade Spanish class for having the most participants.

  • Congratulations to Gilberto's Spanish Kindergarten and Jennifer's 4th Grade Chinese classes for having the greatest percentage of participants - 33% of their students walked or biked!

  • Special recognition goes to Claire (Spanish K), Ellie (Spanish K) and Spencer (Spanish 3rd) for biking 6 miles to school.

If you want to walk or bike every day - but aren't sure of the best route to get to school, check out the alternative transportation page on the school website: or Contact TIS Walk and Bike Coordinator Phil Richman 503-522-8025 or