Alfonso's update - 10/18

Dear Friends.
The mornings are growing frosty and thus a sweater or jacket might be a good idea even for our hearty Northwest children.

Here’s a great example of integrated, collaborative learning. During English class, fourth graders learned about the Chilean miners and wrote letters to them in English. The fourth grade Spanish class is translating the letters, and Chilean first grade teacher Gloria Widdows is helping get them to the correct American embassy officials in Chile so that the letters will make it to the miners and their families. It has been a great way for the kids to show their caring and compassion for others (a PYP learner trait).

Thank you to my traffic assistant last week, Grace from Spanish Kinder. Her father purchased the opportunity at last year's auction.

If you hear the word "earthquake" from your child, it may be because they are doing a PYP unit on earthquakes (4th grade), but it may also be because they are learning what to do during an earthquake. Our EMT/Security Officer Kevin Hawke and my assistant Jhoanna Co are teaching every class what to do in preparation for the start of our regular earthquake drills. We also conduct monthly fire drills which the children are already used to.

Some important reminders
When you are on the playground after school with your kids, keep in mind that you are the supervisors. Please keep your kids inside the playground fence, and while you can certainly enjoy catching up with friends, do keep one eye on your kids to ensure that they do not play too rough with others or endanger themselves. Rules during the day prohibit kids from climbing on top of the monkey bars, from going UP the slide, and from playing ball tag or any tag on the structure. The same rules apply after school.

On a similar note, please do be careful when you enter and exit the PreK building at Arthur Street. Children at that age sometimes decide that it would be good to suddenly bolt out the door toward freedom and home.

Finally, always drive very slowly coming down the hill or going up and down, and keep your cell phone off when driving anywhere around campus.

Have a great sunny week,
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109