Alfonso's update - 10/11

Dear Friends,
Here we are in week 6 with some appropriately autumnal weather.

Last Friday provided us with a day to work on a range of very useful techniques for language teaching, especially in the PYP. I am always impressed with the thoughtfulness and creativity of our teachers and am thankful to Teresa Wirsching for setting up such a relevant workshop.

Today the school council (AKA student council) had a lively discussion of possible initiatives for the year. The representatives will return to their constituents this week to ensure that all classrooms are providing jobs for students. They also feel compelled to write a note to after school class leaders to ensure that desks, pencils, erasers, and everything are left as they were found. They are also considering some fun activities, perhaps for Friday evenings.

I am looking forward to assembly this afternoon where Ms Lizette's grade 2 Spanish class will be challenging us with a math quiz show.

A reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday, we will actually follow a Friday schedule, and it will be a Friday WEEK 1 schedule. We will occasionally do this over the course of the year to ensure that specialist classes which are missed on our days off (primarily for professional development days) do not get short shrift.

Finally, in the weeks ahead: think auction.

Stay warm and have a good week,

Alfonso,, 503-226-2496 x109