News from Alfonso in China - Jan 4/10

Dear friends,
First of all, happy 2010 to everyone! I wish that I could have been on hand to welcome you all back personally, but I will be back in just another week. Here in Dalian it is a cool 18 below freezing with around 6 inches of snow on the ground, and a fierce wind was blowing as I hiked down to the internet cafe to write this.

While western New Year is more subdued here than Chinese New Year, there were the obligatory entertainment galas on tv and optimistic notes on the economy and the future of the world were sounded by the Chinese leadership, as I am sure they were in America as well.

I look forward to the year ahead as a time of peace and prosperity not only in the big wide world but in our little world at TIS. When I am not at school, I think about it every minute anyway, so I will be relieved to be back. Take good care of each other and see you next week.

Head of School,, 503-226-2496 x109