PTO launches Volunteer Counter on-line! Over 1000 hours already logged in the system!

Q: What is Volunteer Counter?
A: Volunteer Counter is an on-line tool that replaces the volunteer log notebooks presently in every classroom.

Q: What?  No more volunteer notebooks?  No more reaching over children to access the notebook to document volunteer hours on specific dates I long forgot?
A: That's right!  The entire process, the list of volunteer opportunities, how your hours are recorded, is all on-line.  (Just think of how many trees have been saved!)

Q. Wow!  That's great!  How do I access Volunteer Counter?
A: Emails were recently sent to all parents from Volunteer Counter asking you to reset your password. The email contains a link to your account on Volunteer Counter and includes a generated password to log in.  If you have not received a message from Volunteer Counter, please send an email to Richard Foote at and the message will be resent.

Q: Once I'm logged in to Volunteer Counter what do I do?
A: Once in the system, please click MY PROFILE:

  1. Review your information and make any corrections

  2. Add your phone number if you wish to be contacted by phone in addition to email

  3. Choose a new password if you wish (or you may continue to use the password generated by the system)

  4. Important - Select the volunteer opportunities you would like to participate in (or have already participated)

  5. If you have volunteered this year, but have not recorded your hours in the notebook, please record your hours on Volunteer Counter

  6. If you have recorded your hours in the notebook, please remove your sheet from the notebook and enter your hours on Volunteer Counter

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or need help?
A: For general questions, please contact Sara Shah, PTO Volunteer Coordinator, or 503-830-3038.  For technical support, please send an email to Richard Foote at