TIS parent going to Haiti - update

Here is news from Cydney Sheley, the nurse & TIS parent who will be taking supplies to Haiti. Thank you to all who have donated!

Cydney will be leaving for Haiti on the 21st (this Thursday) and will fly over on Missionary Flights International. Incredibly, the orphans from her Three Angels Haiti orphanage have been flown out and are now safely in Florida being united with adoptive parents.  As much work continues for those children, Cydney and Three Angels Haiti will join other agencies working to help the many orphans and others still destitute in Haiti.

Cydney so appreciates all of the donations from the TIS community. As some have pointed out, cash is often the best way to donate - however since Cydney is going personally, she doesn't feel comfortable carrying cash; our donations will help her provide supplies the minute she hits the ground. For more information on what's going on with these kids, see http://threeangelshaiti.org/. For questions, please contact Cydney directly at cydneyann@comcast.net.