Notes from Alfonso - 1/19

Dear Friends,
I trust you had a peaceful weekend with even a few moments to reflect on the contributions of Dr. King. Amazing that one individual can so significantly alter the way we live and the course of history. At last week's assembly I shared with students some memories of Dr. King and the 1960’s, and two grade 5 students nicely rendered sections of two of his most famous speeches.

Last week’s well attended PTO meeting gave attendees a good idea of the complex issues confronting the board and all of us in determining whether we can really make a go of the Custom House. Attendees asked very astute questions, and Kat Topaz, who has given so much time and energy to the application for and then the study of the Custom House, gave very thoughtful responses.

As our study of the feasibility and need for a TIS Middle School continues, we will be conducting focus groups with parents and students in grades 3-5. We are well into the budget planning process for next year and are considering all kinds of contingencies, given the uncertain economy. I’ll have more on that in the weeks ahead.

This weekend, in a store, my wife and I met a young woman whom I recognized to be Haitian from her accent. I overheard her tell another woman that she had lost her grandmother. For many this is not a news story. It is an awful reality of loss and grief. You will see within this edition of ITK reminders about ways you can give. We are so fortunate.

I wish you a thankful and peaceful week.

Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109