TIS Volunteer Counter coming soon to a computer near YOU!

volunteer-readingIn the upcoming weeks, TIS will be launching a new on-line application called Volunteer Counter.  Developed by TIS parent Robert Foote (Spanish K), Volunteer Counter will replace the volunteer notebooks in every classroom.  TIS families will simply need internet access to log on to the system to record volunteer hours on-line You will be receiving an email from Volunteer Counter to activate your account.  Please respond in a timely fashion.

We will be transitioning from recording volunteer hours in the notebooks by the end of January. Starting February 1, all volunteer hours will be recorded using Volunteer Counter and the notebooks will be removed from the classrooms.  For people who need to log volunteer service that occurred this fall and early winter, you can either record it in the notebook in your child's classroom or wait a few more weeks and log your hours on-line.

At the next PTO meeting on Jan. 13th, Richard Foote will demonstrate Volunteer Counter.   I hope you can join us!  Stay tuned to ITK for more information as the project is rolled out.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, I can be contacted at swspdx@yahoo.com.  Hats off to Richard Foote for all your hard work!  Thank you!

Sara Shah, PTO Volunteer Coordinator, swspdx@yahoo.com