NEW Authorized Pick-up Cards for ALL TIS families

All TIS families will now be issued durable, weatherproof Authorized Pick-up Cards for each child. The card lists the child's name, parent name(s), and all the people you have authorized to pick up your child for the '09-'10 school year. For security purposes, the card simply lists names - there is nothing identifying the school or the fact that this is an authorization list.

Anyone picking up TIS students from anywhere on campus (the classroom, waiting areas, drive-through pick-up, or elsewhere) must present the authorized pick-up card and a photo ID - even if you believe the staff member recognizes you.

Anyone picking up a child from school early (even if they are regulars and have an authorized pick-up card) should check in with the front desk to get an “Authorized Pick Up Slip.” This will minimize disruption to specialist/English classes (so those teachers won't have to stop teaching to check ID.)

For Drive-up Pick-up, please use these new durable cards with your photo ID instead of the old-style cardstock card from your summer packet.

How to get your card: Homeroom teachers will be giving the cards to parents during the first week of school. If you can't get your cards from your teacher, please check with a receptionist. Each family will be issued 3 cards. If you need additional cards, please contact Jhoanna Co, Please note it may take up to a week to receive your extra cards.


  • If you don't have your Authorized Pick-up Card with you, please stop at the reception desk to show your ID and to have the list checked.  A receptionist will issue you a temporary Authorized Pick-Up Slip which you must then present to the teacher.

  • If you want to give someone temporary permission to pick up your child (i.e. for a playdate, relative in town, rare occurence), please fill in a Pick-up Release Form at any reception desk. The person picking up your child must then stop by the reception desk to present ID before going to pick up your child.

Maria Abad
503-226-2496 x122