Auction items are coming in already – thanks so much to those who are jumping in so early – the earlier the items are in, the more we can let the TIS community know what amazing goodies are going to be at this years auction on November 14, 2009 – have your sitter yet???

  • Corporate Sponsors – Matt Schweitzer is contacting as many community members as his phone account will allow… If your company would like to sponsor this years auction, please contact Matt at matt@northrimpdx.com.  There are 4 tiers of sponsorship – each with benefits!

  • Does your company match donations??? Great time to find out if your company will match monies donated at this year’s auction – easy way to DOUBLE YOUR GIFT!!!

  • Remember the BLT (this year's Special Appeal) – if you have connections with Book or Learning resource or Technology (computer) companies please let us know!

Is your mailman the backup player for Def Leopard on the weekends?  Ask for tickets to a show… Do you have airline tickets that you can donate?  Fly them on over… Are you a gifted pianist? Offer a night of playing at someone’s house for their dinner party… Fabulous cook?  Toss in a collection of your favorite recipes… Not using your flat in London?  Donate the place and toss in some bangers and mash!

Thanks for all the suggestions, ideas and volunteer time so far… getting closer!  Keep those emails coming!  auction@intlschool.org

Until next week,

Carrie, Jennifer and Jenn