Walk + Bike to School Day is October 7

Walk+Bike_logoGet some exercise and join in the fun! Wednesday, October 7, 2009 is International Walk + Bike to School Day. Participating students can choose from Safer Routes to Schools goodies—blinkies, bike map bandanas, or day-glo shoelaces!!

Walking or biking is an excellent way to add physical activity into every day. Kids need at least sixty minutes of physical activity every day to keep them healthy – and many kids in Oregon just don’t get enough! Walking and biking can help improve strength and end

urance, decrease anxiety and stress, and help maintain a healthy weight. Positive experiences like walking and biking will pave the way for being physically active throughout life.

Some ideas for participating:
Walking School Bus: A walking school bus is a group of students who walk to school
accompanied by an adult. It can be informal as two families taking turns walking their children to
school or as structured as multiple routes with pick-up schedules.

Bike Trains: Lead a bike train! A bike train is a group of students who bike to school
accompanied by an adult. A specific route is chosen to ensure student safety.

To kick thing off for biking families, please join

our Oct. 7 Bike Brigade. The Bike Brigade meets at 7:50 am at Salmon Street Springs (the fountain at the foot of the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge) for a group bike ride to TIS.

For more information, check out the Walk+Bike website at walknbike.org. If you’d like to help out with the event, or have questions, contact Melinda Moeur at mmoeur@msn.com

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