Class Funds: Changes & Guidelines

In the past, some room parents have collected money from each family in their class to cover certain class activities. This year most of the items previously covered by class funds were included in your tuition and are now covered by the school.

As a result, classes should not collect funds from parents to cover school expenses. This includes:
  • Costumes, field trips, textbooks, class parties, furniture: Covered in teacher budgets and/or in the school budget)

  • Classroom appliances: School provides microwave ovens, all other appliances are not permitted for safety reasons)

  • Auction baskets: The auction chairs request that parents solicit donated items for their auction basket from businesses rather than spending their own money. Once a basket theme is chosen, parents can solicit or purchase items for the basket that meet their family's time or budget. Donations to the basket are highly encouraged and they are voluntary.

  • Teacher gifts: Many families choose to give gifts to their teacher(s) at holiday time and/or at the end of the year. This is purely an individual decision and should be done individually as desired.

  • Memory books: Memory books can be a great end-of-year product. They can also be a source of tension if one parent creates a beautiful $30 memory book that others then feel obliged to buy. If you are going to create a memory book for your class, please either make it a Memory CD or use one of the many on-line services where one parent creates the book on-line and others can then order it at their option.

  • The one exception to this guideline is the Auction art project.┬áSince all students create the art project together, it is highly desirable for parents to contribute toward any costs that help make this happen. The school's guideline is $10 per student. Some parents may volunteer to contribute more.

    Thank you for your attention to these new guidelines.

    Maria Abad
    503-226-2496 x122