Alfonso's news - Sept 28

Dear Friends,
Thanks so much for your many replies regarding state testing. Most people were strongly in favor of abandoning state testing in favor of a more detailed instrument, but a few raised concerns about placement in public Middle Schools. Maria is studying that and we will be back to you with results as we have them. Never fear, we won’t do anything precipitous, and we’ll keep you informed.

As you may know, one goal in the strategic plan is to bring tracks together more to share their cultures and their learning. In line with this goal, on Thursdays starting on October 8 we will be having assemblies for grades 3-5 at 8:15 in the morning. I would ask that all parents be sure their children are in their classrooms no later than 8:10 every day as school starts at 8:15. This will be particularly important for 3rd-5th graders on Thursdays. This weekly assembly will provide students a chance to perform music, to present something they are learning in their track, or to comment on some aspect of school life. We are working on a time for a grade 1 and 2 assembly as well. We are also working to start a community council with student representatives.

Congratulations to the Japanese track students who performed this past Saturday in Beaverton, and thanks to their teachers for the work and preparation.

Finally, I need you to answer three quick, clear questions. We need to develop a TIS Expertise/Connections Yellow Pages. In the IB Primary Years Program, PYP, we often call upon parents to come in and make a presentation (about the law, or the digestive system, or how investments work) or to invite us to their place of work, be it a lab or fire station or factory or courtroom.

Secondly, we often have questions about what products to buy or how we might best solve a campus problem.

Finally, we are gearing up to start fundraising to secure the future of TIS and we will need any contacts we can get to foundations, government agencies, and yes, to people of substantial means who may be interested in educating children. Please quickly answer the three questions below and e-mail your answers to me at

1. Your Name:

2. What areas of expertise could you bring to our classrooms or our school? ( eg knowledge of technology, where to buy the best doors, I could talk about the lions in Africa, students could visit my laboratory or factory):

3. Do you know anyone else who could be a good resource for TIS as above?

4. Do you have any knowledge of/connection with Foundations, businesses, or individuals who could potentially donate to TIS?

Until next time,
503-226-2496 x109