Hard to believe that school just started and we are almost to the auction finish line.

The auction is TIS’s largest fundraiser and provides meaningful funds that make a real difference to our school. Each family is asked to procure at least one item that will be auctioned off -- items come in all shapes and sizes -- from gift certificates to your favorite restaurants, theatres, dog groomer or sky diving club all the way to dinners with the Jonas Brothers, Michael Jordan, Ozzy Ozborne or Donald Trump.  We will not turn anything down -- except last year’s bathrobe… garage sale that one.

The auction itself is Saturday, November 14 -- less than 2 months away so line up your babysitters now.  The Chairs will be sending out an Evite invitation (so Green are we) 3 weeks before the event, so watch your inboxes and click yes yes YES!  The event is a wonderful chance to mix and mingle with parents without the constant tug of little ones on your sleeves.  There are amazing items to bid on as well as fun parties that you can sign up to attend.  Dr. Orsini will be talking more about our Special Appeal… and so will we!

Room Parents will be sending out notes to explain about Class Art Project and Class Baskets. These are not only popular auction items, but it's a fun way to get the kids involved.  We are in the home stretch and there is much to do. Please help in any of the following areas. If you marked Auction Committee on your Volunteer Sheet you will be receiving an email from us -- if there was any mark in the box, we counted it as a hanging chad and included you in the list…

  • Procurement - Headed by Alaskan Fisherman and Artist Bob Knowles

  • Corporate Sponsorship- Golfer that even Tiger is terrified of Matt Schweitzer

  • Registration -- Headed by the Black Haired Raven Joan Francis

  • Decoration - Headed by the Resident Creative Soul Cheryl Meloy

  • Data Entry – Headed by the Trio of Trouble Carrie Banks, Jennifer Cooperman and Jennifer Farmer

  • Web Design for online auction – Headed by Biker and Chef Tristan Todd

  • Day of Event – Headed by the Auction Goddesses Jennifer Farmer, Jennifer Cooperman and Carrie Banks

  • Volunteer Coordinator - picture yourself here!!!

Feel free to contact us with any items, suggestions or questions.  Each week we will talk more about the event and what items we have been able to secure.  We will also set up tables on various mornings to talk about items that you have gathered or to answer questions such as “are you able to accept something like a private jet?”  (answer is yes, by the way…) It is already shaping up to be a great year.

Carrie, Jennifer and Jenn