Alfonso's update - Aug 3/09

Greetings Friends,
My immersion in TIS policies and programs and daily life continues, and the more I learn from meetings with Maria Abad, Linda Bonder, and teachers and track leaders here for the summer program, the more excited I become. I am truly eager to begin work with the teachers.

I have a few personnel announcements:

  • Before departing, Stephan appointed Ms. Ann Zhu to be the Chinese track leader for the coming year. Having met with Ann at length this summer and discussed educational philosophy and practice, I am excited to work with her in the coming year. Ann is a very experienced and extremely open-minded person who joins us in a commitment to keep the Chinese track on its upward path.

  • Erika Kohn informed us recently that with the arrival of her beautiful new son Oscar from Colombia, she will need to take time off. Erika has done a great job in working with the faculty to move the IB-PYP forward at TIS, and we are grateful. Fortunately, our own Teresa Wirsching, who was already slated to become head of English with the departure of Lara Fowdy to Japan, has had years of PYP experience overseas and has agreed to step up to be PYP Coordinator as well as heading English and teaching part time. We have interviewed several excellent English teacher candidates and are in negotiation with one as I write this. I have decided that I will take on Erika‚Äôs Capstone Coordination responsibilities myself so that I can more quickly learn about the details of the program.

  • For the grade 4-5 Japanese class, we have hired Mr. Takanora Fujii, who has 10 years elementary teaching experience in Hokkaido, where he also served as Coordinator of the Language Teachers Association and did work in curriculum coordination.

  • Finally, we are interviewing candidates for Development Director, and we also have several excellent candidates for the two new Spanish posts in grades 2 and 4 and will soon be reaching a decision.

Until next week, take care.