Want to drive for PK/LK field trips? You'll need First Aid . . .

If you plan to be a chaperone for a class field trip for PreK or LowK classes this year (all class parents are invited to do so), Oregon requires that you have First Aid certification.

To help out, we have scheduled First Aid classes for PreK & LowK parents (do one or the other):

  • Saturday, October 3rd from 8:15 AM - Noon

  • Saturday, October 10th from 8:15 AM to Noon

Classes will be held at TIS and cost is $25 per person. There will be a 10% discount if you pay cash or check the day of class. Classes are open to other TIS parents, but PreK & LK parents will have priority.

To sign up for either class, please contact Kathy Guilfoyle - kathrynguilfoyle@gmail.com or 971-244-3667.