Custom House Update from Trustee Scott Kerman

Summer greetings to you from the Custom House Committee. We hope you have been enjoying your summer. We certainly have, but we also have been continuing our work on the Custom House opportunity. I am writing today to update you on the status of the Custom House.

As you may recall, when the school year concluded in June the Board was in the process of receiving proposals from potential developers interested in the Custom House project. This summer, the Board undertook an extensive review and interview process to evaluate these proposals and determine the best course of action for the school. This review involved input from many parent volunteers with expertise in crucial areas, and we thank them for their valuable time. After much consideration, the Board recently selected a developer.

The developer thereafter submitted to the Board a proposal to do a precise Phase 1 feasibility study, one which will involve a number of specialist subcontractors who could later bid on the various parts of the job (however, we will require an open bid process when it comes to future phases). This study is necessary to determine much more exactly the project's cost and how much money could be raised from tax credits and other sources. This study will also give us a more precise picture of the condition of the building behind the walls and beneath the floorboards. It will also more closely examine alternative and perhaps more intelligent and cost effective ways to do the seismic upgrades and other improvements.

You also may be wondering whether "the clock" has started ticking with regards to our formal acceptance (or not) of GSA's offer. The short answer to this question is "not yet." Negotiations among various state and federal agencies are ongoing, and these must be concluded before TIS can begin reviewing and negotiating formal terms of the acquisition contract.

Lastly, the Custom House Committee is ecstatic to have Dr. Orsini on campus and fully engaged in the Custom House project. He is a valuable asset to our consideration of the multiple issues involved, and we thank him in particular for his participation and counsel during the developer selection process.

We hope your final weeks of summer are wonderful and we wish your family a smooth start to what promises to be an extraordinary year at TIS.


Scott Kerman
Chair, Custom House Communications Subcommittee