Should I bring my child to New Family Reg & Orientation?

The orientation session is really for the parents - we will provide childcare in a nearby room. Registration should not take more than 10 minutes (depending how many people come at once). Children are always welcome, though this day is not really designed for them.

If you have a choice about bringing children, the reasons to bring them are:

  • To see their classroom (which you will definitely be able to do, though the classrooms won't be fully set up)

  • To meet their teacher (which is possible but not guaranteed).

  • To get used to the drive to school and being around campus. (PreK families - remember that registration is on the main campus in the gym, whereas your classroom will be down the road at Arthur Street. You will be able to go to Arthur Street to see the classrooms)

  • To play in the playground before or after.

So it's up to you.

Linda Bonder
Marketing & Communications Director
503-226-2496 x104