Stephan's update

H1N1 (swine flu) Update
As we continue to move through the challenges presented by H1N1, TIS has directed the school’s cleaning service to perform nightly disinfecting of door knobs and handrails throughout the school. During the day, our wonderful employee Lupe will continue to do the same with her efforts as she always has. This should all help to reduce the risk of illness at the school.

Similarly, staff will continue to remind students to wash their hands often and vigorously, to cough/sneeze into shirt sleeves or disposable tissues, and to keep hands away from their eyes, noses, and mouths. Parents who do the same with their own sons and daughters will assist us tremendously with the management of this issue.

We continue to learn about what needs to be done at the school level should there occur an incident of H1N1 in the school setting. For parents who may be interested, the CDC provides guidelines for schools regarding the H1N1 virus at this site:

The staff continues to work toward providing on-going lessons and assignments for our students should the school need to close for a time due to a confirmed diagnosis of H1N1 in the school population. As you will see from the CDC link, the recommended closure time has recently been extended to fourteen days.

Thank you to the room parents who are actively attempting to determine the level of IT-accessibility in TIS family homes in the event that the school facility needs to close for a time for a diagnosed case of H1N1 at the school. We will have more information available as staff training commences. The training will be aimed specifically at providing short-term curriculum materials through electronic delivery.

Parents retrieving children from class
For the safety of the children, TIS is implementing a policy whereby parents or other authorized adults who pick up children early, i.e. ahead of dismissal time, from anywhere on campus, must check in with a receptionist. If the receptionist does not recognize the person picking up, the person picking up will need to produce proper identification. The receptionist will then give a form to present to the teacher from whom the child is being picked up.

Custom House tours
Members of the staff had an opportunity to tour through the Custom House last Wednesday. Parents had an opportunity to do so last Friday. Both events were well attended with over 120 TIS community members taking tours in total. I extend a special thank you to Board members Kat Topaz and Scott Kerman for their generous donation of time and energy once again in making it possible for people to see the building.

Enrolment contracts
Thank you to the large and ever-growing number of TIS families who continue to submit their enrolment contracts. Again, the timing is crucial for the school’s planning for the 2009-10 school year.

Wine tasting May 16
As always, this promises to be a fun social event. All proceeds go to support the TIS library.

I hope that you and your families will all remain healthy as we move through the wonderful month of May.

Dr. Stephan Grasmuck