School Supply Savings Program

Please watch your mail in late June / early July for a postcard about the School Supply Savings Program for next fall.  The deadline to order supplies will be August 10, and you will be able to order on-line or by check. If you will be out of town, please make sure the school has an up-to-date e-mail address you can access since we will send out 1-2 notices that way as well.

By ordering supplies through the program:

  • You will avoid having to run around to lots of stores, deal with shortages etc.

  • You will save gas / the environment

  • Your child will have exactly the supplies that the teacher wants

  • Your child will have the same supplies as most of his/her classmates

  • Your child's supplies will be waiting in his/her classroom on the first day of school

  • You will benefit from bulk order discounts

For the '09-'10 school year we will have an outside vendor managing our School Supply Savings Program. Last year we had 270 students order supplies through the program - that's terrific and too big for us to manage in-house.

USA School Supplies, a local Portland company, will manage the program for us. From the TIS web site you will be directed to a special place on the USA School Supplies web site with our lists by class and the SSSP packages. You will have the option to buy a package with all the supplies your child needs or to buy a package with only the "consumables" (to use your existing pencil box, ruler, scissors, etc). USA School Supplies will process your payment either on-line or by check and will deliver the supplies to our classrooms before school starts.

Q: Will the supplies be more expensive with an outside vendor managing it?
A: The price will be comparable because even though the vendor needs to make money, they also have access to even deeper bulk discounts than we can get because they buy supplies for multiple schools. They have priced out some of our lists from last year and came in just a little higher than our last year's prices.

All communication about the program will come from the school office as usual and accessible through the school's web site. All the lists will be on our web site as well for families that wish to purchase their own supplies.

As always, please let me know if you have questions.

Linda Bonder
Marketing & Communications Director
503-226-2496 x104