Library Media Center - return all books by 5/22

The library will be closing for the school year this Friday, May 22 in order to collect overdue books and conduct an annual inventory. **/Please return all library materials no later than May 22./ **

Should you or your child have lost or damaged a book during the year, please contact the librarian prior to this Friday. Notices and bills will be sent home with students next week. ** The library will reopen September 14!**

Students in second through fifth grades have prepared PowerPoint presentations on selected authors and illustrators. Some of the presentations are available for viewing on the Library Media Center web page under Parent Resources.** The kids really enjoyed this lesson while learning about information gathering, plagiarism and discerning between reliable and unreliable sources of information. Other skills such as working together in groups, safe internet searching and basic computer use were covered. Nice job everyone!

Students in kindergarten and first grade have become expert book reviewers! Hundreds and hundreds of books reviews have been turned in, drawings shared and oral presentations made. For fiction books, students share their favorite parts of the story, main characters, setting and drawings with the class. For non-fiction, students share favorite parts, new facts learned and their drawings with the class. It is amazing how much progress they have made in their oral presentation skills!*

*Thank you to all who organized, attended and worked at the Wine Tasting fund raiser for the library. The funds raised will bolster the continued growth of the library, support our teachers and students in our inquiry-centered classrooms as well as maintain and create programming such as the Beverly Clearly Reading Challenge and TrackTales.

Tamara Fornell