Book Fair Results & . Thank yous!

Thank you so much to so many volunteers for making the Scholastic Book Fair happen! Thanks to their efforts and your purchases, we sold $3031.60 worth of books during the fair! (And way back when I was a kid we used to sell chocolate bars - imagine that!). That total nosed out last year's record of $3001.85.

So not only are all those children engaged with books, but we made the top level of sales so we get 60% of sales in book for the school - that's $1818.96 worth of books!
Of that, $661.96 will go for books in classrooms and $1157 will go for books in the library.

Big thanks to volunteers:

Jamie Anderson
Earl Begonia
Kate Begonia
Denise Biencourt
Pepper Carvajal
Antonia Garland
Jessica Kelsey
Thelma Nemarundwe
Hong Shentu and her 4th grade class
Michelle Wood

Thank you so much again for your time & energy!

- Linda