H1N1 (swine flu) info for TIS parent

Dear TIS parents,

TIS is continuing with the planning for the possibility of an H1N1 (CDC term for the swine flu) outbreak at school.

In the event of a reported case of H1N1 at the school, all TIS families will be affected by these plans. Please read the following information carefully.

A. Avoiding the flu

The most important thing that all TIS community members should do now is to take the preventative steps outlined by the health departments.

As a reminder, that means:

  1. Everyone must wash their hands with soap often and vigorously (the teachers will be reminding the children). Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.

  2. Keep ill children at home. We recognize that this is challenging for working parents, but this is advice coming directly from health officials.

  3. Understand that the school will send your child home if she/he is not feeling well.

  4. People must cough & sneeze into shirt sleeves or a tissue. The tissue must be then disposed of immediately. Do NOT cough/sneeze into hands – people will simply pass the germs on.

B. Flu symptoms

Always call the school office if your child will be home sick.

Notify the school immediately if your child:

  • is diagnosed with H1N1 (swine flu) or

  • shows symptoms after having been in contact with someone who is diagnosed with H1N1

C. Understand the nature of H1N1

D. Use the public flu hotlines if you have flu-related questions, the numbers are as follows:

  • Oregon state-wide: 800-978-3040

  • Portland metro: 503-872-690

E. School closure

  • Check your e-mail and the school web site home page each evening for a school closure announcement.

  • CDC advises that if a school has one confirmed case of H1N1 flu, the school should close for 7 days. This is also true if someone is symptomatic and has been exposed to someone diagnosed with H1N1.

  • TIS will follow this advice. The extended closure is important to determine whether other students or staff are affected

  • We will not close mid-day. We will close the next day.

  • TIS will send an e-mail announcement to all parents and post a notice in the announcements box on the school home page at www.intlschool.org.

  • We will also notify the news service that sends announcements to all the TV and radio news stations. Our reports through this service are always available on our web site under "parent resources" - Emergency Closure.

F. Continuation of School

The faculty will soon be working toward delivering lessons electronically to your homes in the event of a school closure. We are considering using a variety of delivery methods as appropriate to the school, e.g. the class web sites. Other possibilities include email, Skype, etc.

You can get instructions for accessing the school web pages from your room parent. We will send more details by e-mail in the event of a closure.

G. Email addresses

If you know a TIS family that has recently changed their e-mail address, please ask them to make sure the school office has their new address!

Thank you very much,

Stephan Grasmuck