Auction Block

Come On You Party Animals –

As previously mentioned at the PTO meeting, written in the ITK, chatted around the halls, and yelled in the streets, this November 14th’s auction is going to have some new and exciting adventures and the more the merrier in putting it together.

Because we are planning 20 friend-raiser fund-raisers, we need some Martha Stewart party planning skills.  If you are able to give any time – and it does go to your volunteer hours…– the first meeting is Tuesday April 7, 2009 at 2pm outside Linda Bonder’s office at the table… Top of the Hill  Main School Building

There are so many things one can do… If you had a great time over spring break, call back and ask for a gift certificate/card/credit to a great hotel/house/condo to stay or putt putt/ bowling/ theatre to play.  Does you/neighbor/colleague have a litter of AKC puppies, donate one to the auction.  Have too much fun last Sat night and ended up in the pokey? See if you lawyer will donate free services – or maybe the jail will let a kid be Sheriff for a day….

If you can join us Tuesday, please email so we know who will be there.  If you are not able to come, just let us know your interest and we will put you to work. Hi Ho Hi Ho!!!