Stephan's update

Enrolment contracts
A sincere thank you to the very large number of TIS families who have submitted their enrolment contracts last week. Your prompt response is important for the school’s planning.

I must emphasize the significance to the school of receiving those contracts in a timely manner. The information guides the school in critical operational areas for the upcoming school year, including curricular programming, numbers of classes, and budgeting.

Wine tasting May 16
This is another reminder of this annual fund raiser for the TIS community. This year all proceeds go to support the TIS library. To join the fun, please buy your tickets at any TIS reception desk or at

Arthur (Corbett) Building
There are two issues with this facility about which we can update TIS families this week. The first has to do with building security. The front door shall now be kept locked at all times. If staff members are unable to be in the foyer to greet parents upon arrival at the school, there is now a doorbell at the front door to alert staff to a parent’s presence and need to enter the building. This week, a locksmith is coming in to make the electronic door lock operational once again. The door can then be unlocked from the receptionist’s desk for everyone’s convenience.

The children’s play deck is scheduled for inspection this week. All going well with the inspector, we hope that the children will be able to play on the deck immediately thereafter. Some work will remain to be done on ramp construction, however, but this will not affect the children’s use of the deck itself. The final deck finishing coat will be done when the ramps are all completed. While that finish dries, the deck will not be usable again for a few days.

Latino Festival
We extend our hearty congratulations to all the students and faculty of the Spanish track for the wonderful Latino Festival last Monday. By all accounts, the Festival was well done and well attended. Thank you, parents, for making the time to attend the event.

Special viewing: a private tour of Custom House for TIS parents
The government owners of Custom House (GSA) have agreed to open the building for two hours this coming Friday for our parents to tour. Please see the special article in this week's ITK Hotlist for important details. I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you so much and congratulations to the Japanese Track students and Chisa Sensei and Junko Sensei for a great performance at the Uwajimaya Sakura Festival this past Saturday! They did a great job and were terrific representatives of our school. See photos in another post in today's ITK.

Here’s to a wonderful final week of April.

Dr. Stephan Grasmuck