Private Parent Tour of the Custom House!

Dear TIS Parents,

We have just been notified about a great opportunity for you to get to know the Custom House and to start picturing what it might be like for our students, faculty, and staff (indeed, the entire TIS community) should the Board accept the CH award. The GSA (the government entity that owns the building) has granted us a special time for current TIS parents to tour the inside. It will be a limited tour because of GSA restrictions, but parents still will be able to get a flavor for the facility.

Please note: The GSA is doing us a significant favor by opening the building like this, so we need to adhere to their conditions. The GSA simply is trying to avoid issues relating to cost, liability, and agency oversight. Accordingly:

  • These hours are for current TIS parents only (not friends, neighbors or media)

  • Sorry, no children.

  • We will be able to visit the 1st & 2nd floors (the building is 4-story)

  • We will be able to use the stairs but not the elevators.

  • Parents may not walk freely (unaccompanied) around the building

The tours will be THIS FRIDAY, MAY 1. Arrive any time between 9 am and 10:40 am.
(No need to RSVP, just show up.)

We intend to take parents around the Custom House in small groups, with the last tour starting at 10:40am since we must all be out of the building by 11am. We will start each tour when enough parents have gathered together.

I realize this timing won't work for everyone, and I apologize. We're still working with the GSA to try to arrange a tour that will accommodate working parents as well as our faculty and staff, as we had originally requested. We have impressed upon GSA the importance of this opportunity.

Please enter the Custom House from the west entrance located on NW 8th Avenue (between Davis and Everett). Parking should be available on Park, 8th, 9th, Davis, Everett, and Broadway. Seventy-five cents in the meter for 36 minutes should be sufficient unless you plan to walk around the park blocks or stop at one of the local coffee shops for a late breakfast or early lunch--I highly recommend the pancakes at Fuller's Coffee Shop (the corner of NW 9th and Davis).

If you are driving to the Custom House from TIS, we recommend driving north on Naito to Davis. Take a left at the light and drive through China Town to the Custom House. Alternatively, Park and/or 8th is accessible using Broadway, Glisan, Burnside, or Couch.

We will keep you posted as to developments regarding a second tour.


Scott Kerman
Chair, Custom House Communications Subcommittee