Stephan Grasmuck's update

Enrolment contracts
This is a reminder that re-enrolment contracts are due today. The school needs to have this information in a timely fashion for the purposes of planning for September, including for programming, classes, and overall budgeting.

This seems to me to be a good opportunity to comment about TIS and its well-earned place among the accredited schools in the Portland area. One of the outstanding features of TIS is that it is far more than a place of training. TIS is leading the way as an innovative, fully-fledged, and accredited school. TIS offers a well-rounded education, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), through three language immersion tracks and cultures to young boys and girls as they establish the foundations for productive lives as citizens of the world. This truly represents a magnificent accomplishment. With benefit of my extensive background and experience as an educator, I recognize what TIS offers as being extraordinary. The International School provides an educational opportunity unmatched on the West Coast of North America.

I must comment again on the extraordinary nature of the teaching faculty of TIS. As true professionals, the faculty members with whom I now work place the students first at all times. Moving through the new challenges of PYP in addition to the already-full program offerings at the school, these faculty members are unwavering in their commitment to their students. I sense this every day in what I see, hear, and read, and from visiting classrooms and meeting with the staff regularly each week.

I applaud so strongly the TIS Board for staying the course in their commitment to bringing the professional educators at TIS closer next year to wages comparable to their counterparts at the other accredited independent schools in the Portland area. I encourage parents to review the letter from Board President Michelle Kerin and me addressing TIS’ commitment to supporting the teachers as they work with your sons and daughters on a daily basis. This commitment, of course, extends to providing the teachers with the enhancements necessary for the vitality and enrichment of the school’s programming, including with the IB-PYP world schools family.

(Click here to see the letter I referred to - it was mailed to all current TIS families in March.)

Clean-up thanks!
On behalf of the school community, I extend profound thanks to the parent volunteers who came out on Saturday to make the campus a cleaner and better place. Sybil Ackerman and Jackie Calder applied for the SOLV grant and led the host of volunteers in this initiative. It is wonderful to note that some of the volunteers on Saturday also came from PSU. I want to offer a special thanks to Facilities Manager Frank Bojanowski for his support of the volunteer crews throughout the day.

Well done, everyone!

Wine tasting May 16
This annual fund raiser promised to be another fun event for the TIS community. Please plan on joining in the festivities. All proceeds go to support the TIS library. Get your tickets and all details at

Visiting Orchestra
A student orchestra from Sapporo, Japan, will be coming to Portland in June. Organizers are hoping to find 15 families to host these young musicians during their stay in the city. Please look for information in the ITK Classifieds this week as to how you can help by providing a home stay opportunity for one of these young musicians.

Open House
The TIS open house last Friday was well attended once again. Thanks to everyone who played a role in touring and introducing TIS to prospective new families.

PTO meeting this week
The PTO meeting is tomorrow, April 21st at 6:30pm in the gym. Parents can look forward to presentations from the Spanish Capstone trip, receive summaries of the strategic plan, and learn more about the fund raising aspect of TIS as the school moves forward.

Here is to a week of beautiful spring weather!

Dr. Stephan Grasmuck