President's Challenge Mile Run at the YMCA Track

It is rapidly becoming that time of year again when I will be taking the children up to the YMCA running track for their mile run.  I will transport all classes from first grade through fifth grade with the help of parent volunteers.

I will test every student in first through fifth grade during their regularly scheduled PE classes on May 4th, 5th, and 6th.  With volunteer parent drivers, we transport the children to the YMCA track and have them run 4 laps for time.  With the smaller classes and good weather, I am able to test their flexibility with the Sit and Reach at the same time.  This can all take place in the 45 minute class period.  The President's Challenge on physical fitness tests five metrics.  Distance run (one mile), shuttle run, pull ups (or bent arm hang), V sits (sit ups in one minute), and the Sit & Reach (flexibility test).

I am putting field trip permission slips in every student's folder this week.  I need signed permissions to take them off  campus.  Please indicate if you can be a driver for any of the days or even the classes and tell me how many students you can transport.  Also, be sure to indicate if you child uses a car seat.
Please return the signed permission forms right away.

Thank you,

Coach Robert