Stephan Grasmuck's update

Capstone trips away
Our grade five students in both the Spanish and Chinese tracks have arrived in Mexico and China respectively. By all reports the students are doing very well, indeed, and immersing well in their new cultures.

The school hosted a send-off assembly for our travellers. Of special note, the grade five Japanese students, who long ago returned from their Capstone trip to Japan, were there to support their friends and offer some words of advice to the newest travellers.

I want to offer my special thanks again to the many parents who attended this assembly, and to those grade five parents who worked so hard on preparing the details of this trip for their sons and daughters. Erika Kohn, our Capstone Coordinator, also deserves special recognition. Erika organized the assembly and made sure we had parting gifts for each student as well as floral arrangements for the departing faculty and the parents who organized the trips.

Well done to all. We look forward to the students’ report presentations early in the term following the Spring Break.

Parent conferences
Thanks to the many parents who attended the teacher/parent conference day last Friday. These are important occasions, of course, for parents to gain deeper insight into their children’s progress over the term.

PTO meeting on Wednesday
We look forward to greeting parents at our next PTO meeting this week. Included on the agenda will be an update from me on the Strategic Planning process which is nearing completion. Parent and faculty input continue to be key to the success of this process and the school is very fortunate to have had such strong support at each stage of the planning.

PYP article featuring TIS
TIS received coverage about our IB Primary Years Program in a recent edition of Portland Family magazine. We hope to have that link available soon for parents to view from the school’s website.

I wish everyone a good week with the recent move into Daylight Savings Time. The first few days of this particular time change always present some interesting challenges.

Dr. Stephan Grasmuck