Stephan Grasmuck's update

Dr. Orsini
The entire TIS community welcomes Dr. Alfonso Orsini, TIS’ new Head of School, to the campus this week! He will be meeting with staff, parents, students, Board members, and me over the course of his stay.

I have spoken with Dr. Orsini already and look forward to continuing to assist him through the transition phase. Dr. Orsini assumes the role as Head of School in July. I hope that as many people as possible will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Orsini while he is in Portland. This will certainly assist him and the entire community with establishing a strong foundation from which to commence his tenure with you.

Capstone trips have returned
Students and their teachers in grades five Spanish and Chinese have returned to school from their host countries. Having kept in touch with several of the parents while on-trip and from reading the blogs, I know that these trips were enormously beneficial and productive for the students. They also had a most enjoyable time.

One of the many positive things that came from the trips is the reaffirmation that TIS students are becoming not only truly bilingual by grade five, they are immersed in the cultures of the tracks such that they fit in very well with the culture of the host schools and families. We look forward to hearing from the students themselves at upcoming PTO presentations.  Just as importantly, the parents who accompanied the children have much to report in speaking directly to other TIS parents whose Capstone experience is yet to come.

Both of the upcoming PTO meetings will feature Capstone presentations. (Spanish Track on April 21, Chinese Track on May 13). This is something to which we can all look forward.

School video
The new school video is available for viewing on the school’s website. The video is a lovely work that captures the warmth and passion of the TIS community and its mission. Thank you to Linda Bonder for her work and talent in moving this project forward. Well done!

Corbett deck
The work on the new deck is well underway. We anticipate that it may take up to another two weeks to complete the structure. While the deck is being constructed, the children will have alternate activities for their break times. We will have the children using that deck play area as soon as possible.

Projects over the Spring Break
Students and visitors to the gym will see the work that has been completed there on the walls over the Break. So, too, the playing field construction has begun. That work will culminate with the turf planting as soon as possible.

I wish for everyone a good week, now that spring has finally arrived!
Dr. Stephan Grasmuck