Stephan Grasmuck's update - and PARKING issues

URGENT - Traffic and parking issues
Dear parents, we are experiencing some alarmingly dangerous vehicular practices on the public roadways in the vicinity of the school. Through unsafe vehicle handling, some drivers from among our own school community are placing our children, staff members, and other parents at considerable risk of injury - or worse.

Specifically, at student drop-off and pick-up times, please do NOT:
• Park illegally, facing the wrong direction on Sherman Street
• Block vehicular and pedestrian access at the top of the hill on Sherman Street
• Back vehicles blindly into parking spots
• Talk on mobile phones while operating vehicles in traffic/pedestrian areas
• Park vehicles directly on designated cross walks
• Abandon vehicles in no-parking areas
• Make illegal U-turns

Before we have an accident, before someone is injured, before an incident occurs, please:
• Observe the rules of the road – these are public roadways
• Stay off the phone while operating your vehicle
• Park legally
• Look astern as you reverse into parking spots
• Remain in your vehicle in no-parking areas

Drivers, please address these problems immediately.

Capstone trips depart
The grade five students in the Spanish and Chinese tracks depart this week for their Capstone Study Abroad Program. The Spanish students leave for Mexico on Thursday and the Chinese students on Saturday for China. As we know, the Japanese students took their Capstone trip last fall to Japan.

These trips form the highlight of the students’ international immersion education experience at TIS. As a special send-off for these students from their peers and the staff, we are hosting a “bon voyage” celebration on Wednesday, March 4th, from 2:30pm to 3:00pm, in the gym. Teachers and students from other grades will make presentations to the traveling students, and give the whole school community a chance to wish them well. Our Japanese Capstone students will also share some great advice to the departing students.

Parents are welcome to come and participate in the send off. The students in Wednesday’s audience are the Capstone participants of tomorrow.

Full day of classes on Thursday
A reminder that Thursday is now a full-day of classes as one of the snow-day make-up times.

Parent/Teacher conferences
We look forward to welcoming parents on Friday for teacher/parent conference day.

Corbett deck/play area
Following what can only be described as an extraordinary process of obtaining a permit to build the play-deck for the Corbett students, we now have the building permit in-hand. Thanks primarily to the determination and skill shown by Frank Bojanowski, TIS’ Facilities Manager, the City has finally granted TIS permission to build the deck.

Following the City’s demands from October, 2008, to create a structure of truly exceptional design specifications, TIS appealed the City’s ruling. Eventually, through a drawn-out process, TIS prevailed on appeal. On February 27th, following submission of an architectural drawing and then with more procedural delays from the City, at last we have our permit to build.

Frank is now re-engaging in discussions with the construction company. They have been on stand-by since October. We shall have our play-deck in place as soon as the company’s schedule will allow.

To the pre-K parents of Corbett students, thank you for your patience. We have done everything possible to move this project along further and faster. It has been a continuous struggle. Although this project has taken far too long, TIS has prevailed. That’s great news.

Dr. Stephan Grasmuck