Auction Block

To keep our overhead costs down for the auction in the fall, we are getting WAY creative with some of our decorations. We are turning one of your trash items into a treasure. If you could please save any and all SQUARE TISSUE BOXES we will happily take them and recycle them for our project. Green committee will be GREEN with envy at this re-used item!

Please leave them with Lauren at the front desk of Stearns Hall or Shelly at Corbett and Carrie will gather them daily. We will let you know when we have enough to complete our vision.

Curious???? I BET.

Always remember the Auction this fall when you are out eating, shopping, gallivanting or carousing. Had a wonderful dinner at a Hot Spot? Ask for a gift certificate. Is one of the former Dukes of Hazzard boys mowing your lawn? Ask for an autograph photo – or even better see if he’ll have lunch with a bidder. Is your spouse a closet magician? Ask him/her to donate their skills – would be a great item for birthday party!!

Thank you for the tissue boxes and please consider heading or helping with one of the committees. Just can’t take no for an answer? Procurement is your calling. Spend hours a day wishing you could organize a large room? Auction set up is just the place to get your organize on. Anxious to find out how we are using the tissue boxes? Jump on the decorating bandwagon.

Email with any and all suggestions, volunteering and procured items.