Stephan Grasmuck's Update

Science Fair
This Wednesday, March 18th, the classes from each of the grades will host hour-long Science Fair presentations for parents. In order to recapture some more of the lost teaching time, our teachers indicated their preference for holding these presentations on one day only, i.e. this Wednesday, rather than over two days as indicated in the school calendar.

The timing of the presentations will be either from 8:15 AM to 9:00 AM or 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Each teacher will have contacted parents to let them know when these presentations will take place for each particular class. Teachers have also arranged for their classes to present to other classes at various times on Wednesday.

Capstone trips away
Reports continue to come in from the two Capstone trips. The trips are going beautifully, and parents can read comments posted by Capstone parents on the blog by following the link from the school’s web site.

We look forward to the students’ and parents’ return. Following Spring Break, we will have special presentations for our other students and staff about these trips.

Corbett deck
Frank Bojanowski has confirmed that construction on the Corbett deck will commence over the Spring Break. While the children are out of school, large machinery will be brought in to bore the holes necessary for the support posts.

The builder estimates that construction will take about another week to two weeks following the return of the children to school. While the deck is being constructed, the children will have alternate activities for their break times. We will have the children using that deck play area as soon as possible.

We had a good turn-out for the PTO meeting last week. Thanks to the many parents who attended. Thanks also to Kathy Guilfoyle for having chaired the meeting.

Strategic Planning
We are now in the final phase of the strategic planning process. Parents can look forward to the final document which will be published this spring, following Board approval.

Facilities projects over Spring Break
In addition to the Corbett deck, two other exiting projects will be underway shortly. The two special appeals projects, i.e. the gym refurbishment and new playing field, are scheduled over the Break. The gym project, begun over the winter holiday with the new floor surface, will continue with work done on the wall areas. The playing field construction will begin this week actually, as crews enter off of Caruthers Street to prepare that vacant lot area for field construction. We will have that available for the children’s use as soon as possible

Other Break projects include finishing the stairwells in the Main building. That work had begun and was largely completed over the Winter holiday. Some finishing touches, however, will be undertaken next week.

Spring Break
I wish for everyone a safe, enjoyable holiday. We all look forward to everyone’s return and to some wonderful improvements to our facilities for the students’ use. Classes resume on Monday, March 30th.

Dr. Stephan Grasmuck