Scrip: It's Free Money for the School

FREE MONEY and 4 Other Reasons to Start Participating in the Scrip Program

1--Scrip really is like FREE MONEY.
You buy the gift cards at face value from the school. The school buys the cards from the Scrip Center at a discount.  The amount of the discount is the profit made by the school.

This discount ranges from 1.5-26% depending on the retailer.  So, if you buy a $100 Fred Meyer card, you spend $100 and receive $100. The school buys the card for $96 and makes $4 profit. It doesn't sound like much but it adds up quickly.  Plus, the school is making money without you spending an extra cent!

2--Scrip makes BUDGETING EASY.
In these times people are looking for ways to spend less and one way is to budget using Scrip. If you want to restrict your spending on Groceries to say $200/week, buy only $200 worth of Grocery Scrip per week and spend only what is on those cards. Your current balance is always listed on the bottom of your receipts so you know exactly how much is left on each card. One parent recently told us that she not only cut her monthly credit card bill in half by using only what was on her Scrip cards, but she was buying the cards with cash and therefore was not accumulating any new debt. Now that's impressive!

To demonstrate how much we can make...let's just say a family buys $100 worth of groceries a week at Safeway. Safeway's discount is 4%. Let's assume they just buy enough Scrip for the school year (40 weeks). The school would make $160 on money that the family would have spent anyway.   Now, if all (approximately) 300 families at the school purchased this amount, the school would make $48,000.   Just like that!  Just from every family buying $100 worth of groceries per week.   And if families occasionally buy a Scrip card for a restaurant, Macy's, REI, Joann Fabrics, Starbucks or any of the other retailers on the list, our earning potential is even greater!

4--Scrip can be purchased on your CREDIT CARD if you use it to earn REWARDS.
While we generally encourage people to buy Scrip using cash or checks--credit cards can be used. The school does lose some profit when people order on credit cards because there is a fee that is about 2.5-3% on each credit card purchase. This is why we have the $500 minimum for credit card orders and ask that any retailers you choose have a discount of at least 3%.

5--eScrip makes using the program EVEN EASIER.
eScrip is a program where a family can register debit/credit cards and store cards (like your Safeway card) and get credit for purchases that way.   Go to to register cards.  Our group number is 152931850 (you can easily look it up on their page also). Several parents have said that they have been signed up since 2003 and have had no spam or issues with security. The percentages are smaller, but if you have a hard time getting into the card habit it is a way to help contribute.  Historically we have usually made just enough on eScrip to cover the credit card fees on the regular orders.

More information:
There are two Scrip Centers we can order from--but we primarily use the Tigard-Tualatin Center and it is their forms that are at the school.  If you want to see what the other center has to offer just go to and check out the list of retailers. We do need you to talk to us before placing orders that come from Great Lakes because we order there intermittently (only when there is enough to justify shipping). There is no shipping from T/T (we pick up the orders in person) so we order weekly. If you place your order by Friday at pick-up (no later than 3:00 so we are sure to get it), then you will receive your order by the following Friday at pick-up. On weeks with few orders, delivery usually occurs by Thursday pickup--but we cannot promise it.

Any questions--contact Joan Francis at

--The Scrip Team