Stephan's Update

Chinese New Year
Congratulations to each of the participating students and their teachers for having produced another wonderful festival celebration last week. Having access to Reed College’s auditorium made for a wonderful venue from everyone’s perspective. Thanks, too, to all parents who attended, brought along other family members, and supported the children. As Linda Bonder has mentioned, pictures of the festival are available for viewing through a link on the school’s web site.

Main building construction
We are now in the completion stage of this most recent phase of the project. We anticipate having the final walk-through with the construction firm this week, followed closely by the final inspection.

We finally have our tent back in place on the children’s playground. Thanks to Frank Bojanowski’s persistent efforts, crews came in on Saturday to install the tent and restore the play area for the children.

Strategic planning
Thank you to everyone who attended the parent drop-in sessions last week for the strategic planning input. The ultimate success of this undertaking rests with having stakeholder feedback. The entire process continues to be intense. The committee is moving forward on a carefully managed time-line and will have more to report in due course.

Dr. Stephan Grasmuck