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The Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Book Award Challenge is in full swing.  Students are excited and reading books with new pace and energy.  The library owns five copies of each title and every book is in demand.  If you can, please check for the books at your local public library or bookstore.  If you own the books, perhaps loan them to your child’s friends as well.  Students should check back in the library frequently for returned copies to check out.

Keyboarding links are still up on the library webpage for students to practice at home.
Research links for some homework assignments are available on the library webpage if requested by classroom teachers.  Another great tool is OSLIS, a safe and reliable internet resource from the Oregon School Library Information System.

OSLIS offers:

  • Quality licensed online databases

  • A variety of reliable information resources available at one location

  • Online tutorials

  • Age appropriate articles with reading levels defined for K-12

  • Information skills practice provided by information literacy curriculum framework

  • Information for students on citing work and how to research

  • Citation makers

  • Magazine, encyclopedia and newspaper resources as well as an image bank and dictionary

  • Current and constantly updated information

  • Access from home so students can do research at night and on weekends

  • Fosters habits of scholarly research

  • An article translator

Most students in the upper grades have already received instruction in accessing and using the library web page and its resources and OSLIS.  Please assist your child in exploring these resources next time an assignment calls for internet research!
In order to access OSLIS, you will need to keep the following information on hand:


  • User ID:  internat

  • Password: oslis

Tamara Fornell