Auction 2009

“Wait – Auction?? What – Auction??? I thought that was in the fall….” It is – BUT – plans are already starting for the big event. Jennifer Farmer, Jennifer Cooperman and Carrie Banks are the Auction Chairs for 2009. We represent all three tracks and both campuses. Our Procurement Chair is none other than Alaskan fisherman Bob Knowles. Because of his maritime duties over the summer, we are starting earlier than normal to organize some of our efforts.

By this semester’s end, we would like to have the heads of our committees in place. If you are interested in jumping in – and with more jumpers, there’s less work to do… -- let us know at We will be giving updates as to who is getting involved as we go along. Do you like strolling into fabulous places asking for donations? Procurement is for you! Do you sit there and make beautiful art pieces in your mind out of the twigs and leaves on the sidewalk? Express yourself with the Class Art Baskets. Are you good at rallying people for a common cause? Dive in to Class Basket themes. Like making mountains out of molehills? Jump on board with the Decoration Committee.

It’s never too early to look around and see what’s available from your company or friends. Have an extra Mercedes in the garage? That boat taking up room in the driveway? Your jet sitting there lonely in the hanger? Think of donating it to the auction… Waiting for a good excuse to talk to that cute mechanic? Ask him/her for a free tune up certificate. Going to a fun place for Spring Break? Ask the hotel/motel/RV Park or Car/Bus/Bike Rental Company to toss in a week for the auction. It’s all tax deductible….

Thank you for all the amazing support in years past and we hope to make this year’s auction a fun time to remember. There are some surprises along the way that we will leave hints for along the way.

Get those babysitters lined up now and mark your calendars for Saturday November 14, 2009.