Alfonso's news

Dear Friends,

Having talked further with Board members and parents and teachers who attended the meeting with the IB visitors, all agreed that the meetings were very positive and informative. We are happy now to have completed the visit so we can again re-focus on implementation.

A couple of reminders about the start and end of the day.
Please park efficiently not leaving too much room between you and the next car so that spaces can be maximized.
When you pick up students from the gym please be patient and make sure the assistants on duty have time to sign each child out. This is extremely important for security.
When dropping off little ones at the Main Building, please be sure to see them to the classroom. A boy who was left at the door this morning was found confused and upset.
Especially for grades K-5, bring students to classrooms no later than 8:10 please. 8:15 is the official start of the day.
On another note with the cold weather be sure to dress students warmly (I am buying a hat this afternoon) and when your children come in from the cold, be sure that they do not unknowingly scald their hands with very hot water, as one parent reported happening to his daughter this weekend.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Winter Holiday show next Monday, December 14th (see below).

Stay warm and take good care,
Alfonso,, 503-226-2496 x109