Run for the Arts (RFA) Wrap-up Complete

362 students ran on October 1st to earn money for our Art, Music, and English programs. Today we have the results of their efforts...$14,149.52! A TIS record-breaker by nearly $2000!

sm-boy-brown-shirtWhile there were many students who ran hard and collected lots to help us reach our goal, we would like to congratulate the 1st Grand Prize Winner, Kyle C. (Taka's J/4th grade) and both 2nd Grand Prize Winners Morgan B. and Liliana B. (both in Ardriana's S/3rd grade). Using RFA's formula--a combination of number of donors and laps run--these students were the top in the school. We'd also like to acknowledge our top runners. With 3 laps=approximately 1/4 mile three students ran over 3 miles in 30 minutes. They are Eliot W. (Shirleen's C/3rd grade) with 41 laps and Alisdair C (Jenny's C/2nd) and Ben K. (Hong's C/4th) with 40 laps each. Congratulations to Eliot, Alisdair, Ben and all of the students who ran--well done!

We would once again like to thank all of the Volunteers, Staff, and most especially Students who made our 2009 Run for the Arts such a success!

Joan Francis/RFA Chair
Tricia Tallman/Art Lead Teacher
Carol Olson/Music Teacher
Teresa Wirsching/Lead English Teacher