Reminder – Log those volunteer hours! You deserve the credit!

sm---boy-&-dadWith the school year underway, volunteer activities are in full swing.  If you have volunteered for TIS in any capacity – please record your hours.  Volunteer logs are located in every classroom, near where your child’s folder is kept. It’s never too late to jot down your hours – it’s okay if you volunteered during the first days of school, your hours don’t expire.

sm--vol-on-field-tripWhy it is important to log your hours?  Because, I’d like to acknowledge your efforts!  It’s also important we know how many hours our volunteers donate to the school for grant applications.  Please continue to record your hours even if you have met the 25 hour requirement.

And THANK YOU to the people who have volunteered already, are in the process of volunteering, or planning to volunteer!  Your efforts help make our school a special learning community.

Sara Shah, PTO Volunteer Coordinator