PTO Update, Agenda for this Wednesday 11/11, 6:30pm

Your PTO Officers hope to see you at the PTO meeting this Wednesday, November 11th at 6:30 PM in the gym. Childcare is available for TIS students and will be in one of the classrooms across from the gym (see separate article about signing up for Track Tales.)


  • Committee Updates

Green Committee – Andrea Paluso
Auction – Jennifer Cooperman, Jennifer Farmer & Carrie Banks
Technology Committee - BLT Special Appeal – -

  • Kelsey Cleveland, Development Director: Development Role & Goals

  • Dr. Orsini: Capstone & School Update

  • New Items

At each PTO meeting, we will have a “New Items” board – if you have a topic or question, please write it on the board prior to the meeting and we’ll leave time at the end of the meeting to discuss. If we run out of time, we will follow up through ITK. Updates from the “New Items” from the meeting in September are below.
Can the school participate in I-Give, an on-line shopping/charity site?
Development Director Kelsey Cleveland will address this question and others you may have about school fundraising at the PTO Meeting on Wednesday.

Homework Issues (in target language and English)
Dr. Orsini has had several conversations with parents about homework. By now, you should have received a homework survey from your Track and English teachers. If you continue to have homework concerns, Dr. Orsini would like to know – feel free to send him an e-mail or arrange a time to meet with him.

School Uniforms
A few parents have brought up interest in TIS adopting a school uniform policy. If you have comments about school uniforms, please send them to Dr. Orsini at or 503-226-2496 x109.

Middle-School Feasibility
Parents will be receiving a survey seeking their opinion on TIS extending through 8th Grade. All parents are encouraged to respond to the survey.

Trimet Train and Construction
In the not-too-distant future, there will be construction of an elevated track for light rail and bus use just west of the school (on the other side of the 1-5 entrance). Construction is slated to begin in 2011, with possible site set-up on the grassy slope to the north of the playground beginning late 2010. The TIS Board of Trustees is staying in close contact with Trimet to assure minimal disruption to the school. The project has an amazingly detailed website Go there for contact information, public meeting schedules and all sorts of information. If you go to the project map, TIS is just below the “To PSU” Icon.

After-School Programs – From Principal Maria Abad
Many International School students participate in activities on the school campus outside of school hours. Whether to accommodate family schedules or just for fun and enrichment, there are many great extracurricular programs available for our students.

After school activity providers are often teachers or teacher assistants who already work at TIS. They offer enrichment classes based in the different track languages but available to any child in the school. Two of our teachers offers Chinese and Spanish as a third language. Often, you can find teachers who also offer tutoring for academic purposes.

Other providers come from the local community and also are part of the different school systems – such as Mad Science and Kinderdance/Kindergym, or Shudokan Karate. Still some have been recommended or requested by parents who saw the need and interest in such activities, like yoga and Italian classes.
Homeroom teachers are not always available for tutoring or to provide extracurricular activities due to the fact that we have teachers meetings, individual planning time and collaborative planning. All of these are essential in a PYP school.

This year we have total of 18 different after school programs offered after school. For a complete list of offerings go to: /about-tis/after-school/
If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to Maria.

Kathy Guilfoyle