News from Alfonso - 11/30

Dear Friends,

It was a pleasure to be back in the states once again for Thanksgiving, and I hope your holiday was as peaceful and enjoyable as ours was. I was also thankful to see that tap water again became drinkable yesterday evening (after flushing out the pipes awhile). Early this morning, we let all the taps here at school run for awhile.

sm---2-girlsBefore the holiday, we had a wonderful visit from Author Shelley Gill, and our thanks go to Librarian Tamara Fornell and the English department for organizing such a terrific event. We hope to have a video of the event available in ITK soon.

We are finishing preparations for the PYP authorization visit which will take place this Thursday and Friday, December 3rd and 4th. We have worked hard to fully implement the PYP and so now what remains is to talk frankly with the visitors and to be ourselves in everyday implementation. Please see below in ITK for Kelsey Cleveland's summary of our fantastic Special Appeal results which will help our students and teachers considerably with their PYP work. Thank you again to all who contributed.

I extend heartfelt thanks to the 194 families who took the time to respond to the Middle School Survey, which was so deftly put together by Linda Bonder. We are also surveying the families of graduates (we have had 34 responses so far). We will be conducting phone interviews and possibly focus groups for families with students in upper grades, and then we will do a careful SWOT (Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Opportunities/ Threats) analysis and a financial analysis with the Board to determine our future direction.

Unbelievably, only three weeks remain until the winter holiday. After the long March of the autumn, it is good to see the holiday spirit starting to surface, although this has reminded me to be sure and review snow day procedures. Included in this week’s ITK will be a review of the process.

If I don’t see you at traffic duty, have a great week.

503-226-2496 x109