Auction: how much did we raise?

Since the 10:30 pm conclusion of Saturday night’s annual Auction , the questions have been coming – “How did the auction do?”; “How much money was raised for the Special Appeal?”; “How do these results compare to past years?”.

sm---winnerWell, we’ve crunched the numbers and here’s what the TIS community was able to achieve: Overall, we estimate the auction raised $175,000 in gross proceeds; this includes payments of $57,000 towards the Special Appeal. Net of expenses (we haven’t yet received all the bills), we estimate the profit from the auction will likely be around $140,000, equivalent to the prior year. This spectacular result, achieved despite the state of the economy, is a testament to our community who so generously gives both its money and time to support our school! Thank you.

So what does all this mean? In the context of the school’s overall $4 million budget, this one-night event netted 3.5% of our annual expenditures. As a parent and consumer, I appreciated the wonderful items I came home with. As an auction co-chair, it’s rewarding to help organize an event that pulls so many volunteers together and is so visible in the school’s annual operations. As a Board member, I enjoyed the community-building aspect of spending 5-hours on a weekend night mingling and dining with teachers, administrators and other parents, many of whom I rarely see in a social context.

In the moving auction slideshow, the Black Eyed Peas sang, “Let’s live it up.
I got my money. Let’s spend it up.” Inspired by the images of our children, the lyrics, and great items to bid on, our community took the message to heart and made it a “good, good night.” This year, we had 225 separate individuals and/or couples pay for items at the auction (72% of the 311 families enrolled at the school). Towards our BLT Special Appeal, we had 109 separate bidders contribute.

Can we do better? Each year’s auction committee learns from and builds on the successes of committees who came before them. We also appreciate feedback about what worked really well and what could use some improvement. If you have feedback you would like us to discuss in our auction debrief meeting after the Thanksgiving holiday, please send it to Development Director Kelsey Cleveland at

Tuition doesn’t cover all the expenses of educating our children. In fact, tuition only covers 92% of the annual cost of educating a child at TIS. We know that auctions aren’t for everyone, so TIS has developed a panoply of fundraising alternatives with the hope that all families will contribute to at least one. If you want to learn more about how you can support TIS, go to /giving/.

Thank you for your support!

Jennifer Cooperman
2009 Auction Co-Chair
TIS Trustee